Hi! I am Asia.

Artist, workshop facilitator, yoga instructor.


I love making art, practicing yoga, and leading workshops: the magic that happens on my canvas also appears on my mat. Art and yoga create the perfect vessel for healing, contemplation, exploration, and transformations.

This website is an invitation for you to explore self-expression and transformation: yours and mine! 

I invite you to look around, hopefully you’ll find inspiration and choose to connect. You can find out more of what I’m up to on the tabs above.

Latest paintings:

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Upcoming Workshops:

Loving your Inner Aphrodite

  February is the month of hearts, flowers, and valentines. Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty. She is identified with the planet Venus, the Roman counterpart of Aphrodite, the brightest “star” in the sky aside from the sun and the moon. Aphrodite represents the transformative power of love. Let’s turn our attention … Continue reading Loving your Inner Aphrodite

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