Taking a moment and hit pause


As 2018 draws to an end,
the stillness of winter juxtaposed to the
excitement of the various festivities and celebrations.
The week in-between,
filled with contemplative anticipation;
I swing from reminiscing the past year to the
restless excitement for the new.
I steal moments of quiet to appreciate this transition,
to paint,
to inhale and exhale,
to allow things to bubble up.
As I look at this latest painting,
I sense her awkwardness –
where should I put my hand,
is my tummy sticking out,
is the cut of my dress too low,
should I be wearing this color, and then
I look into her eyes.

I take a breath.

As we busily prepare for end-of-year gatherings,
catching glimpses of the past year or
dreaming up possibilities for 2019,
maybe we can all hit
as we sip our favorite cup of tea, hot chocolate or latte,
allowing for those moments of stillness,
to be fully present,
to stop and look around,
allowing the feelings and sensations of 2018 to well up in our hearts as
we welcome the new year.

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