Hear Me Roar

Have you been suppressing the whisper of your heart? Are you ready to direct your fierceness to reclaim your power? Are you prepared to give voice to your true beliefs and amplify it to a loud ROAR? Grrrrrrr!

I invite you to join me in a day long exploration where you will be guided through a visionary journey connecting with your own voice, your fearlessness, your full potential. In your roar, you’ll release what longer serves you and fully step into your magnificence. The act of naming, and proclaiming to the world, is the first step to revisioning your life. You will paint your fierce, unapologetic self into being on the canvas with acrylic paint using the Color of Women step-by-step painting method.

At the end of workshop, you will go home with your own original painting accessed directly from your own inner guidance system.

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