Intentional Mandala Workshop

December 9 (Saturday): 10am-1pm
Studio in Menlo Park, CA

The season of the holiday hustle and bustle is upon us. The frenzy of gift shopping, tree decorating, family gatherings can be overwhelming and stressful for many. I invite you to carve out a little me time to refocus and redirect your attention to what’s truly important to you.

Mandala is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning sacred circle. Creating mandala is a form of meditation to help gain knowledge from within and for setting intention.

Join me in a 3-hour session where you will be guided through a visionary journey, putting yourself in the center of the mandala, and allowing the repetitive pattern to build upon itself; so you may calm your busy mind and allow your intuitive creative mind to explore. You will paint your own personal mandala on watercolor paper using acrylic painting.


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