Persephone – the Journey Inward

As the days grow shorter and the nights longer,
it is nature’s way of gently urging us to cozy up at home and go inward:
the expansiveness of summer is waning, leading to a period of contraction.

As Persephone takes her journey to the underworld,
it is also a good time for us to travel inward.
Like Persephone, we might find ourselves in a dark cavern
that is unknown and frightening for us.
Are you ready to take the time to reconnect with yourself?
To recognize and release some of the negative energy you’ve collected
and make room for new possibilities?

I invite you to join me in a day long exploration
where you will be guided through a visionary journey
to travel inward with Persephone,
honoring the changes in the energies of the seasons.
With a torch in hand, you will paint your sojourn and
your inner Persephone into being on the canvas with acrylic paint
using the Color of Women step-by-step painting method.

At the end of workshop, you will go home with your own original painting
accessed directly from your own inner guidance system.


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