What Students say:

“You gave us a beautiful space, caring guidance and support so I can relax and feel safe to honor my process and info. Love that you provided all that we needed. Love that you disclose yourself and your process. . . very inspiring.”  

“Being allowed the space not only to create an art piece, but also the space to deeply reflect  on my own journey and the encourage to bring out my own deeper sense of self.”

“Asia, you have a brilliant gift of channeling Her so that everyone is blessed with a new understanding of themselves and brought closer to heart.”

“Keep these workshops going! Women need a place/places to express and get their energy flowing in the world!”

“Wonderful indeed. Thank you Asia for another nurturing and nourishing workshop. I had so much fun with you and all who participated. Your space is a perfect place to relax and paint!”

“It was a cathartic experience for me. Thank you for providing a safe space. Looking forward to future workshops.”

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